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FALL SALE: 20% OFF All Windows & Doors!
Plus, 36 MONTHS Special Financing with Approved Credit!

Vinyl Replacement Windows
FALL SALE: Receive 20% Off All Windows!
Receive 20% Off All Windows!

Meet the highest performance window on the market!

Looking to replace the old, drafty and inefficient windows in your home? Then, you've come to the right place!

Lower your high energy bills and greatly improve the comfort level of your home with our expertly installed vinyl replacement windows.

Guida is proud to have achieved the honor of becoming an exclusive authorized dealer of the Elements Window by Soft-Lite, which is regarded as the most energy efficient and air-tight window produced in North America according to third party ratings provided by the AAMA and NFRC organizations.

This high performance window coupled with our reputation for expert installations and reliable service means you can rest assured knowing that you're making the right choice when entrusting Guida with your home's window replacement needs. Invest in your home and start saving on energy bills right away!

Double Hung

Double hung windows are famous for their ease of cleaning and classic look. Add in their durability and energy efficiency, and it’s no wonder the double hung window is so popular!


A sliding window, also called a slider, has a sash that opens horizontally to let fresh air in. The sliding window has a more contemporary look to it than a double hung.


A casement window hinges along one side and swings outward using a crank mechanism. The seal that is formed when a casement window is closed makes them one of the most air tight style options.


Use a vinyl picture window to frame a beautiful outdoor view, or to incorporate into a dramatic wall of windows. Available in many sizes, a picture window can be the perfect addition to your home.


An awning window has a hinge along the top, allowing the window to open outward and air to flow up and in. Awning windows are great for places where you’d like to keep the window open in light rain.


Bay windows are combination of end casements or double hungs with a center picture window that projects outward from the home. They add extra light to the room and expand interior space.


Bow windows are combination of casements and picture windows that project outward from the home. They add extra light to the room and expand interior space.


Geometric windows can be curved or angled to fit almost any shape. From circles to triangles and almost anything in between, a geometric window can be made to fit your space.

Enjoy feeling the peace of mind behind the Lifetime Warranty of an Elements Window that includes everything from the actual vinyl, insulated seal, moving parts, and even glass breakage. See warranty for complete details.
Triple-Pane Glass: 0.19 U-FACTOR!
Our high performance triple-pane glass package with Low-E & Argon on the Elements Window outperforms typical double-pane windows!
Insulated Sash, Frame, and Sill
Every possible main-frame and sash chamber is fully insulated with softly expanding, environmentally friendly polyurethane foam insulation, which improves the overall thermal performance of Elements Windows.
Kevlar Reinforcement
Kevlar-reinforced meeting rails are stronger than steel, and thermally better than aluminum. K-Beam will not transfer heat or cold through the window as common metal reinforced windows do.
Sculpted design that delivers a refined new look. The authentic cove-mold design produces a beautiful window while the slim profile maximizes your view.
Integrated Tilt Latch and Lock
This tilt latch and lock system completely eliminates the traditional, unsightly tilt latches and enables easy, one-touch tilt-in operation.
EnduraForce Balance System
Heavy-duty Teflon®-coated stainless-steel coil balance system that has a Lifetime Warranty and is the quietest, smoothest way to open and close a window!
Engineered Sloped Sill
This sill features a structural interlock, a neoprene gasket that straddles a rail under compression, and triple-fin weather-stripping for a tight seal.
Triple Fin Weather-Stripping
This innovative triple-fin weather-stripping features anti-microbial biocide that provides protection against mold, mildew, airborne bacteria, and pollen.
BetterVue Screen
Improved light transmittance and airflow with 5% more open and 30% smaller holes than standard screens.
Decorative Grids
Both of our grid styles come in all the interior and exterior colors. Your home will be completely color matched! All contour and flat grids are contained within the insulated glass.
Interior/Exterior Color Options
In addition to the common white or beige vinyl color selections, you can design your windows with optional interior woodgrain laminates or choose from several exterior PVC bond finishes.