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Patio Doors
Sliding & Swinging Patio Doors

Attractive and energy efficient entryways for the home!

Our quality patio doors are where performance and durability meets functionality and beauty!

Select from a variety of high quality patio door styles including superior vinyl sliding patio doors, or steel and fiberglass swinging patio door options.

All of our custom-fitted patio door units offer energy efficient performance, easy operation and cleaning features, and offer industry leading warranties. Not to mention there are various colors, hardware, and designs to choose from!

*For details on our Swinging/Hinged Patio Door options, please visit our Entry Door Page for construction specs.*

Patio Doors
Sliding Patio Door

The active door slides towards the inactive door, with an exterior sliding insect screen. Our most popular patio door style.

Swinging Patio Door

The active door is hinged off the inactive door and swings inward, with an exterior sliding insect screen. See our entry door page for construction details and specs.

Leading Warranty
Enjoy feeling the peace of mind behind the Limited Lifetime Warranty of our sliding patio door that includes the vinyl, insulated seal, hardware, and moving parts. See warranty for complete details.
Patio Door
Insulated Frame Core
Strong, multi-chamber profiles with Neopor® insulation and 5-3⁄8” frame depth offer greater thermal efficiency and increased sound abatement.
Multi-Point Locking System
Our sliding patio door comes standard with a superior multi-point locking system.
Galvanized Steel Reinforced Panels
To ensure rigidity and stable operation.
ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System
Metal-Free sealant that provides improved thermal performance, as well as the best resistance to condensation and seal failure.
Steel Reinforced Sill
Sill is reinforced with galvanized steel. Pair that with our patented water draining system, and it results in an efficient and durable base for our patio door.
Top-Hung Screen System
Suspended by ball bearing rollers this top-hung heavy-duty aluminum screen frame with UltraVue® fiberglass mesh reduces binding, creating effortless operation.
This unique vent lock offers multiple venting positions that adds peace of mind if you want to leave the door open for ventilation, yet keep would-be intruders out.
Patented Sliding System
Features four adjustable 1" wheels per operating panel to ensure smooth, easy and quiet operation.
Spring-Loaded Screen Latch
Automatically engages upon closing. Latch also includes interior locking feature. UltraVue® fiberglass mesh is standard, heavy-duty fiberglass, stainless steel or aluminum mesh is optional.
Secured By Interlock
Fixed and mobile panel rails meet and interlock perfectly, making removal from the outside virtually impossible.
BetterVue Screen
Improved light transmittance and airflow with 5% more open and 30% smaller holes than standard screens.
Patio Door
Internal Mini Blinds
The elegant way to let the light shine in! No more fussing with shades or blinds. Internal mini blinds are a beautiful, easy-to-operate solution for the discerning homeowner.
We offer many different hardware styles and finishes to choose from.
Internal Grids
Both of our grid styles come in all the interior and exterior colors. Your home will be completely color matched! All contour and flat grids are contained within the insulated glass.
Swinging/Hinged Patio Door
The active door is hinged off the inactive door and swings inward, with an exterior sliding insect screen. See our entry door page for construction details and specs.